The new avatar of the decades old family business - Varsha Gems, ZEMA is a bespoke jewellery label & boutique.

Launched in 2013, the inspiration behind ZEMA which coincidentally also means inspiration, was the strong belief of Reshma and Karan Morani - "All of our creations must have an element which is inspired from and embodies the diva who is wearing it"

The approach of this husband & wife duo towards ZEMA is not just one of the conventional business owners but one wherein they see themselves to be the caretakers of the dreams everyone who walks through the glittering doors of their enchanting boutique.


Crafting quality and innovative jewellery which strikes gold on every occasion, enabling us to become your 'Solitairy' gem for every season.


The focus for ZEMA, is always on design and quality excellence blended perfectly with a personalised touch to satiate your craving for bespoke luxury.


Insight: One-on-one sessions with the clients to gain an insight into their unique personality and their individual style statement.

Execution: Utilizing their extensive knowledge , credentials and prowess of the art, Karan (Managing director and operations head) and Reshma (Jewellery Designer, Diploma holder from GIA, New York ) combine their efforts to translate their vision into exquisite designs.

Impact: Jewellery crafted with the ZEMA touch to give you the adornment you deserve.